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  • Equity and diversity of the student registry.
  • International academic recognition.
  • Economic and financial course basis and global business vision.
  • High projection of our graduates in the labor market.
  • World-renowned faculty.
  • High level business networking.

MBA - Master in Business Administration

The MBA ITAM is a flexible program compatible with student work dynamics. It consists of 19 courses and the student can enroll from one to four subjects per quarter, depending on his/her needs and workload. It aims at executives with relevant professional experience, as well as small and medium entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their professional and business development.

The program's format is quarterly, the program is concluded depending on the number of subjects that the student enrolls each trimester (on average it is concluded in two years).

The courses are offered in two formats:

  • Monday to Thursday from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm, one class per week for each subject, during the entire term.
  • Some courses are offered in semi-intensive classes on Fridays and Saturdays (Fridays from 16:00 to 20:00h. and Saturdays from 09:00 to 13:00h.). Courses in this format are completed in four weekends.

During your masters you can combine both formats.

The program is divided into six subject groups: managerial skills; concepts and processes associated with the production and marketing of goods and services; financial analysis; strategy, entrepreneurship and implementation; environment analysis; specialization courses.

  • Module 1 Managerial Skills
    • Leadership and Management of Change
    • Organizational Behavior
  • Module 2 : Marketing and Operations
    • Marketing Management
    • Operations and Technology Management
  • Module 3 : Finance
    • Financial Accounting
    • Managerial Accounting
    • Corporate Finance
    • Investments
  • Module 4 : Strategy and Entrepreneurship
    • Strategic Management
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • General Management Seminar
  • Module 5 : Environment Analysis
    • Business Economics
    • Global Economic Environment
    • Business Statistics
    • Legal Framework for Business
  • Module 6 : Specialization Areas
    • Business Analytics
    • General and International Management
    • Finance and Accounting

Americas MBA

It is a program that seeks to understand the environment and business practices prevailing in the four most important economies of America: Canada, Brazil, Mexico and the United States.

It is an alliance with four leading Business Schools in the region:

  • Simon Fraser University, Beedie School of Business, Vancouver, Canada.
  • FIA Business School, Fundação Instituto de Administração, São Paulo, Brasil.
  • ITAM, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, Ciudad de México, México.
  • Vanderbilt University, Owen Graduate School of Management, Nashville, United States of America.

By belonging to the ITAM MBA program, if the students decide to do the Americas MBA, of the 19 subjects that have the MBA curriculum, they would take:

  • 10 subjects in the normal format of MBA at ITAM and 9 subjects in the format of the Americas MBA; which includes:
    • Four stays (Vancouver, São Paulo, Mexico City and Nashville).
    • Each stay has duration of 9 calendar days.
    • Upon completion of the ITAM MBA program and the Americas MBA, students receive:
    • The MBA - Maestro en Administración degree by ITAM.
    • A joint certificate (Certificate Americas MBA for Executives) granted by the four Business Schools.
    • A diploma of specialization in General and International Management granted by ITAM.
  • The courses of the Americas MBA do not have an additional cost; that is, students only have to cover the normal cost of each subject of the ITAM MBA curriculum plus travel expenses.
  • The 9 subjects are revalidated as subjects of the ITAM's MBA Program.

Global MBA Descargar folleto

It is a program focused on issues of international leadership, teamwork and global business strategy, which offers a double degree:

  • MBA - Maestro en Administración by ITAM and
  • Master of Global Management by Tulane University

Alliance of six prestigious business schools:

Students and graduates of partner schools can participate in a global module composed of six courses; which are offered in an intensive one-week format that is convenient and accessible for working students and professionals. The courses are the following and are offered during a period of 12 or 24 months:

  • Global Strategy & Competition India
  • International Finance Mexico City
  • Cross Cultural Management New Orleans
  • Global Consulting Project US/Europe
  • Global Negotiations Brussels
  • Global Supply Chains Shanghai

The cost of the Global MBA includes: the 6 courses, academic material, hotel and two meals per day.

So, if the students decide to do the Global MBA, of the 19 subjects that have the ITAM MBA curriculum, they would:

  • 13 subjects in the normal class format of the MBA at ITAM (the cost of those 13 subjects is paid at Mexican prices) and
  • 6 subjects in the format of the Global MBA (the cost is in dollars and is paid directly to the University of Tulane)

Admission Requirements
  • A University degree with a minimum grade point average of 8.
  • Knowledge of English.
  • Minimum three years of verifiable organizational work experience.
  • Interview with a member of the admissions committee.
  • Submit the documentation required by ITAM and the federal education authorities.
  • Submit and pass the admission exam or submit official GMAT results with a minimum score of 580.
Graduation Requirements
  • Pass the 19 subjects that make up the program.
  • Submit the documentation required by the federal education authorities.
  • Accredit three professional development workshops.
  • Submit an English language certificate.
  • Develop a degree project in the form of a case, thesis or dissertation.
  • Pay the degree fees.
  • Submit and pass the degree exam in front of an academic tribunal.


Professionals from varied disciplines who are interested in acquiring competencies related to the different areas of an organization in order to accelerate its development, or to start a business. In addition, strengthen their systemic vision of the functioning of an organization.

Leaders in development with a minimum of three years of organizational experience who successfully pass a test that evaluates their numerical, analytical and reading comprehension skills.


Our graduates develop the following knowledge, skills, and perspectives throughout the program:


  • Principles, techniques, and cutting-edge models on Strategy, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Talent Management, Technology and Data Analysis, as well as Corporate Law. Students can specialize in one area of business by taking four electives, out of a total of 19 required for graduation, the areas of specialization are General Management, International Management, Marketing, and Accounting and Finance.


  • Make business decisions in an informed, rigorous, responsible, critical, committed and ethical manner for the benefit of organizations and society.
  • Integrate knowledge of the functional areas of the organizations to make decisions under a holistic approach.
  • Develop self-knowledge that allows them to identify their strengths and weaknesses as leaders.
  • Interact in multidisciplinary and effective work teams.


  • Responsibility to their environment: teams, clients, community, among others.
  • Critical, reflective, and proactive.
  • Working in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Flexibility and openness to change.
  • Integrity, inclusion, and sense of community.